Managing Risk

We take managing investor risk very seriously

Financial crime risk

Those typically seeking short term property finance in the UK are working to tight deadlines that require fast turnaround finance. The profile of these borrowers can be very diverse too, ranging from individuals to complex corporate structures.

These factors can make short-term property finance a target for criminals to attempt to launder money or commit other financial crimes. Our experienced underwriting team undertakes robust due diligence on every customer:

  • All borrowers are subject to a stringent due diligence check carried out by our experienced underwriting team.
  • We conduct separate checks to limit credit risk.
  • We only lend when we believe the borrower will meet their repayment obligations.
  • We also make use of Trace Smart and Creditsafe, which are two of the leading UK fraud detection systems. These systems provide access to a centralised database that cross-references borrower information across their network of participant members.

If the borrower fails to make payments, an investor may not receive the investment income as their capital is at risk and repayments are not guaranteed.